Three Easy Ways to Increase your Hydration

Hint: It doesn’t include adding fruit or other flavors to your water!

When I started exploring ways to increase my hydration, a lot of the suggestions I came across included either adding fruit or other flavors to help create variety. While this makes sense, variety wasn’t my issue and I personally do not like adding fruit or other things to my water. I can’t be the only one out there who feels this way!

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So, here are some easy things I do that have helped me to get in more water daily:

  1. Before I do anything else when I wake up, it’s mandatory that I drink water. It’s kind of like making your bed, it helps you feel more accomplished by doing it first thing in the day. I started out slowly and over time I am now able to down 32 ounces without a problem. But, when I started this, I can remember thinking how hard it was to finish 20 ounces. However, over time and with some patience, you can get to your water goal too.
  2. Prior to starting my workout, I fill up my 32 ounces and get to working out. If I don’t finish the bottle by the time I am done working out, then I make myself finish it during my cool down or before I move onto the next item on my agenda. It’s another easy way to stay hydrated. Again, I did not start with 32 ounces, I worked my way up over time.
  3. I typically drink two cups of coffee a day. There are those days I feel like I want a third. On those days, I will drink 32 ounces before I have that third cup. Guess what — sometimes I no longer want it. Other times, I am as desperate as can be and will hastily chug my water so I can have that third cup.

Bonus Tip: Switch up your type of water during your preferred meal time. For example, I don’t know why but I love something carbonated with my lunch. In my unhealthier days, this was probably a diet pop (aka soda if you are from somewhere other than Ohio!). I have found incorporating carbonated water, it definitely helps and it’s a little bonus water on top!

I hope you find these tips helpful and let me know which one you try or find that is benefitted you most!

All it takes is a pinch of hustle to stay hydrated!





Lover of sunshine, mountains, dogs and fitness! Product Manager by Day | Wannabe Writer

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sarah schrader

Lover of sunshine, mountains, dogs and fitness! Product Manager by Day | Wannabe Writer