How to Make Friends as an Adult?

Getting Started

As someone who works in a technology / product space I love the idea of using technology to meet people — I just never had a use for it since I met my husband prior to the popularity of using online dating apps.

Picture of Author’s Bumble Best Friend’s Profile
Picture of Author’s Bumble Best Friends Profile

My First Match ❤

My very first match was probably freaked the &%^* out when they read my overly excited/aggressive message about matching with them. I said something along the lines “OMG! I am so excited to have matched with you!!!!” I realize now, that is a little odd. Ok, very odd. So, I had a bit of a learning curve on how to appropriately use a matching app, no biggie!

My Learnings

In my experience, there are three types of people on Bumble BF (and I’m sure all with good intentions) but either people did one of the following:

  • Ghosted me. I would initiate a conversation to hear nothing back. Ok, cool. Like, what’s the point of even swiping on me if you’re not actually going to talk to me?
  • Only wanted to be message buddies. It seems like this was a more common category of people who just message and message and message with no real intent of connecting in real life. Again, that’s fine, but just not what I was looking for.
  • Flakey McFlakersons. I had several people make plans just to cancel at the last minute. I know Covid has been weird to us all and I think it’s intimidating to put yourself out there but again, I am not sure what the point is of going through motions just to not really get together? I also understand things happen (work runs late, etc.) so there are times this is unavoidable but these cancellations in particular never reached back out later or attempted another get together.

Did Bumble BF work for me?

I would say yes. However, what I would have changed were my expectations. I went into this ‘experiment’ just assuming I would make friends easily and life would go on as normal. It took a lot of matching, messaging and being picky in order to find the right people. But I have a small handful of new gal pals and that is what I set out to do using the app.

Would I recommend Bumble BF?

I would recommend it. Like anything, it’s not perfect, but patience and knowing what you want will definitely go a long way with something like this.



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sarah schrader

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